Solar System

Solar System

Fees Structure : 25500 ₹+18% GST = 30000 ₹

Eligibility for Electrial System Design : Degree/Diploma/ITI in Electrical/Electronics Engineering

  • Full time : 1 Month
  • Part time : 3 months


Due to the rapid growth in population , industrialization and the associated increase in energy demand and consumption , technical details needed to assess potential residential , commercial PV projects and to present accurate proposals.

It consists of complete implementation of functioning and processing of installation materials with details in safety , site analysis , design , performance , costing , subsidy , financial benefit analysis , financing options.

Understand the specifications of solar cells , Panels and inverter with their functionality and cost details.

Understanding the principle of PV system.

Understanding functions and process of installation materials and ensuring effective functioning of solar energy system after installation.

  • Renewable and non renewable energy sources , advantages and disadvantages.
  • Need of solar system.
  • What is solar panel , how PV cell works , types of PV cell.
  • Generation of solar electric power.
  • Application.
  • Solar PV system design.
  • Load analysis , solar array design , inverter issues , battery sizing and charge controller.
  • Budgetary costing and price estimation.
  • Basic components of solar PV system.
  • Various equipments used to build solar PV system.
  • Basic calculations , connections and operations of solar pv system for residential , commercial and industrial.
  • Small roof top solar plant calculations , load calculations , inverter selection , battery bank calculations , string calculations , PV array design.
  • Tools required for installation and maintenance of solar PV system using digital multimeter.
  • Net metering and its advantages.
  • Periodically maintenance , safety , precautions and repairing of solar system.
  • Troubleshooting and solutions on problems comes during installation.
  • Site assessment.
  • PV project management.
  • Safety for PV system.
  • Installation of PV system.
  • System inspection ,testing and commissioning.
  • System operation and maintenance.