MEP consists of various systems which are as follows,

a) Electrical services-Electrical system consists of electrical design details with various equipments used in electrical construction.

b) HVAC services-Heating,Ventilation and Air conditioning systems are designed and developed according to current technology by HVAC.

c) Plumbing services-Plumbing deals with the design of sound water piping,foolproof drainage system and water harvesting.

d) Fire fighting system -Sound fire fighting systems are of almost importance even under various governmental norms and conditions.Hence,systematic design of fire alarms, fire extinguishers and equipment protection systems comes under this part.

Engineers from various disciplines,especially mechanical and electrical engineers are required to design,install,operate and maintain these systems.

1. Mechanical services


  • Complete design of HVAC system as per Indian and international standards.
  • Air conditioning machines and systems.
  • Central plant system, DX system.
  • Selection of Packaged, Air cooled chillers,Water cooled chillers.
  • Split/WINDOW AC for residential and commercial HVAC.
  • VRF(variable refrigerant flow), VRV(variable refrigerant volume)and heat pump system.
  • Kitchen ventilation system design.
  • Thermal storage system.
  • Ducting.
  • Installation of central and ductless air conditioning equipment installation.
  • Ventilation and purge system.
  • Exhaust and fresh air to maintain in door air quality in the building.
  • ECBC implementation in HVAC system and for green building project.
  • HVAC load calculations for whole building such as rooms, corridor, lift area, car parking, kitchen and toilets as per code.
  • Piping layout and sizing.
  • Air distribution system and ducting system for commercial AC system.
  • BOQ and DBR preparation for HVAC project.
  • Design drawing, shop drawing and as built drawing preparation.
  • Preparation of inspection report, material inspection report, memo, NCR and soon.

2. Electrical services

  • SLD Preparation.
  • Selection and sizing of electrical equipments used in various projects.
  • Selection and sizing of cables, cable tray and cable laying methods.
  • DG sizing, UPS and DC battery sizing.
  • Heat tracing and cathodic protection.
  • Design of Earthing system.
  • Design of Lightning system and lightning protection system.
  • Substation switch-yard design.
  • Electrical drawings and documentation.
  • Hazardous area classification.
  • Design of lighting system.
  • Design of Solar system.
  • BOQ preparation.
  • Plant load estimation.
  • Load flow, S.C.analysis.
  • LT and HT installation & commissioning.
  • Internal/external electrification.
  • Lighting fixtures, point wiring.
  • Electrical HT and LT power distribution.
  • Load calculations.
  • Panel schedules.
  • Power and control cabling.
  • Building security system.
  • Building management system.

3. Plumbing Services

  • Complete design of plumbing system as per plumbing code.
  • Design of water distribution system (through overhead tank and underground system)for buildings.
  • Domestic hot and cold water supply.
  • Waste water management.(Waste water sewage system and water recycling using STP)
  • Rain water management.
  • Fire protection.
  • Plumbing fixtures for residential as well as commercial buildings.
  • Sanitary storm drain system.
  • Quality of drinking water & various water treatment system.
  • Preparation of BOQ and DBR for plumbing project.

4. Fire fighting system

  • Complete design of fire fighting system as per NFPA code.
  • Fire Alarm & Protection System.
  • Design of fire protection system.
  • Sprinkler system design and piping calculation.
  • Fire hydrant system design & water storage calculation for fire protection.
  • Smoke detect or design , installation & maintenance.
  • Fire alarm system cabling work and panel installation.
  • Design conforming to FM , NFPA , NBC standards.
  • Preparation of BOQ and DBR for Fire system design project.