Mechanical Electrical Plumbing

Mechanical Electrical Plumbing

Fees Structure : 42500 ₹+18% GST= 50150 ₹

Eligibility for MEP : Degree/Diploma in Mechanical/Electrical Engineering

  • Full time : 1 Month
  • Part time : 3 months

  • Basic concept of architectural drawings , master plan , plan layout , section and elevation.
  • Basic concept of structural drawings , plan layout , section and elevation.
  • Basic concept of infrastructure drawings , contour level , plan layout , storm water, sewerage system. Lift station , sweet water system / raw water system , chiller plant , chiller piping and details.
  1. HVAC System

    • HVAC basics
    • Complete design of HVAC system as per Indian and International standards.
    • Air conditioning machines and systems.
    • Central plant system , DX system.
    • Design of Air & Water cooled central plant system.
    • Chilled water piping design.
    • Design of cooling tower for any type of central cooling system.
    • Selection of Packaged , Air cooled chillers , Water cooled chillers.
    • Split/Window AC for residential and commercial HVAC.
    • VRF (variable refrigerant flow) , VRV (variable refrigerant volume) and heat pump system.
    • Kitchen ventilation system design.
    • Thermal storage system.
    • Ducting.
    • Installation of central and ductless air conditioning equipment installation.
    • Ventilation and purge system.
    • Exhaust and fresh air to maintainin door air quality in the building.
    • ECBC implementation in HVAC system and for green building project.
    • HVAC load calculations for whole building such as rooms , corridor , lift area , car parking , kitchen and toilets as per code.
    • Piping layout and sizing.
    • Air distribution system and ducting system for commercial AC system.
    • BOQ and DBR preparation for HVAC project.
    • Design drawing,shop drawing and as built drawing preparation.
    • Preparation of inspection report , material inspection report , memo , NCR and soon.

  2. Plumbing System

    • Complete design of plumbing system as per plumbing code.
    • Design of water distribution system (through overhead tank and underground system) for buildings.
    • Domestic hot and cold water supply.
    • Waste water management (Waste water sewage system and water recycling using STP).
    • Rain water management.
    • Fire protection.
    • Plumbing fixtures for residential as well as commercial buildings.
    • Sanitary storm drain system.
    • Quality of drinking water & various water treatment system.
    • Preparation of BOQ and DBR for plumbing project.
    • Water distribution system and its working.
    • Details for fixtures used in plumbing installation.
    • Water Demand & storage calculations.
    • Design of septic tank as per local regulation.
    • Design and operation of STPM plant.
    • Water treatment and water quality.
    • Solar hot water system & heat pump hot water system.
    • MPCB water pollution norms.

  3. Fire Fighting System

    • Complete design of fire fighting system as per NFPA code.
    • Fire Alarm & Protection System.
    • Design of fire protection system.
    • Sprinkler system design and piping calculation.
    • Fire hydrant system design & water storage calculation for fire protection.
    • Smoke detector design , installation & maintenance.
    • Fire alarm system cabling work and panel installation.
    • Special type of fire protection FM 200 and kitchen chemical fire suppression system.
    • Preparation for fire officer visit and checklist for fire inspection.
    • Design conforming to FM , NFPA , NBC standards.
    • Preparation of BOQ and DBR for Fire system design project.
    • Applicable codes for Fire system design in India.
    • Fire norms for new project construction.

  4. Electrical System

    • SLD Preparation.
    • Selection and sizing of electrical equipments used in various projects.
    • Selection and sizing of cables , cable tray and cable laying methods.
    • DG sizing, UPS and DC battery sizing.
    • Heat tracing and cathodic protection.
    • Design of Earthing system.
    • Design of Lightning system and lightning protection system.
    • Substation switch-yard design.
    • Electrical drawings and documentation.
    • Hazardous area classification.
    • Design of Lighting system.
    • Design of Solar system.
    • BOQ preparation.
    • Plant load estimation.
    • Load flow , S.C. analysis.
    • LT and HT installation & commissioning.
    • Internal/external electrification.
    • Lighting fixtures , point wiring.
    • Electrical HT and LT power distribution.
    • Load calculations.
    • Panel schedules.
    • Power and control cabling.
    • Building security system.
    • Building management system.